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The Newton Waterproofing App Launches on Google Play for Android

The leading independent supplier builds on its App Store launch and expands it's app presence onto Android as well

Following on from the successful launch of its Newton Waterproofing App on the Apple App Store platform in May 2016, Newton Waterproofing Systems have been working hard to expand upon and cement their firstmover status by immediately preparing the app for the Google Play store on the Android platform. The new and improved version of the app still provides complete structural waterproofing and damp proofing solutions through detailed product information, images, technical drawings and existing case studies, but also puts Newton's library of educational and product application videos at the immediate disposal of the user through either their smartphone or tablet.

Global Device Coverage

As one of the two major operating systems that rule the smartphone industry, it was clearly important for Newton's fledgling application to obtain a presence on a platform that accounts for such a huge proportion of global smartphone users. Replicating the existing functionality, the Android version of the Newton app provides complete technical documentation for all of Newton's products, more than 200 of Newton's most popular sections and details, and a wide selection of the company's most prestigious case studies by their nationwide network of Specialist Contractors. Furthermore, the app now provides users with the ability to view the entire range of Newton's specialist videos through their YouTube channel.

Free and Easy to Use

As always, the Newton app is completely free, and once downloaded its entire contents are available offline, meaning that even in the most awkward locations, the required technical information will always be at hand. The only exception to this is the Newton Videos, which will require a WiFi or wireless internet connection. The Search, History and Bookmark functionalities however, still ensure that this wealth of information is easily navigable for all users. Download the Newton Waterproofing App today from either the Apple App Store, or Google Play for Android devices.

"This app has transformed the way we work and has saved us hours in researching data prior to carrying out work on site. This is the most useful innovation we have received from any company in all our years of trading. An app for waterproofing. Why hasn't anyone else thought of that?" - Ian Maclennan, Maclennan Waterproofing

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Further Information For further information regarding the Newton Waterproofing App, or to contact any of our Technical team, please get in touch on either 01732 360 095 or email [email protected]

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