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Procter Fencing Systems - Pro-acoustic Enviromental Noise Barrier Systems are superior to traditional timber acoustic barriers

Procter Fencing Systems is introducing modular Pro-acoustic Environmental Noise Barrier Systems that offer a number of benefits compared with traditional acoustic barriers constructed from timber. Both the Reflective and Absorptive Pro-acoustic systems are manufactured from high-strength glass-reinforced polymers and in most cases the panels are installed between galvanised and polyester powder-coated steel posts.

This engineered construction is extremely durable and needs no maintenance, having a design life of 40 years with no degradation in acoustic performance; this is in stark contrast to timber acoustic barriers in which the wood can shrink, warp, rot and require periodic maintenance. The Pro-acoustic glass-reinforced polymer panels and steel posts withstand aggressive environments and solutions such as salt spray and oils, are graffiti-resistant and are impact-resistant to cope with day-to-day knocks. Standard colours are UV-stabilised green, grey and brown, but bespoke colour schemes can be produced depending on volumes. Thanks to the modular design, Pro-acoustic barriers can be installed on flat or sloping ground at any height up to 3m and with a maximum span of 3m. If required, cranked posts can be used to rake the top of the barrier as well.

Pro-acoustic environmental noise barriers are manufactured in the UK to comply with these three standards:

• BS EN 14388, Road traffic noise reducing devices. Specifications

• BS EN 1794-1, Road traffic noise reducing devices. Non-acoustic performance.
Mechanical performance and stability requirements

• BS EN 1794-2, Road traffic noise reducing devices. Non-acoustic performance.
General safety and environmental requirements

The acoustic barriers are also CE Marked in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) for road projects. Providing excellent acoustic performance, the Reflective Pro-acoustic panels achieve a DLR rating of 30 dB (Category B3) while the Absorptive Pro-acoustic panels achieve a DLa rating of 8 dB (Category A3).Seals between the posts and panels help to prevent noise leakage through the acoustic barrier.

Typical applications for Pro-acoustic Environmental Noise Barrier Systems include highways, motorways, ring roads, airports, railways, light rapid transit, utilities, plant enclosures, industrial units, distribution facilities, retail premises, sports facilities and schools.

Procter Fencing Systems is renowned for its bespoke work and the company can easily incorporate Pro-acoustic panels within swing gates or sliding gates for vehicular access, swing gates for pedestrian access, or doorways for plant enclosures or similar applications.

Installation is undertaken by Procter Fencing Systems’ own dedicated teams of installers, ensuring that the project is completed quickly, quietly and with the absolute minimum of disruption. Thanks to their their modular design, Pro-acoustic Environmental Noise Barrier Systems can be up to 30 per cent quicker to install than traditional timber alternatives. Further more, Procter offers a comprehensive service covering site survey, quotation, design of bespoke elements such as gates, supply and installation.

For more information about the Reflective and Absorptive Pro-acoustic Environmental Noise Barrier Systems and to download a datasheet and drawings go to

To discuss specific projects, use the Live Chat facility on the website, email [email protected] or telephone 0800 2944177

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