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Available FastrackCAD Drawings

AutoCAD Drawing
PDF Drawing
E-002.DWGEave with 25mm over Fascia Vent (Insulation Between Rafters) Typical DetailE-002.PDF
E-003.DWGEave with 10mm over Fascia Vent (Insulation at Ceiling Level) Typical DetailE-003.PDF
E-004.DWGEave with Soffit Vent (Insulation at Ceiling Level) Typical DetailE-004.PDF
E-006.DWGBedded & Mechanically Fixed Non-Interlocking Half Round Ridge - Typical DetailE-006.PDF
E-010.DWGBedded Half Round Interlocking Ridge Mechanically Fixed - Typical DetailE-010.PDF
E-013.DWGDry Half Round Non-Interlocking Ridge - Typical DetailE-013.PDF
E-014.DWGDry Vent Interlocking Ridge - Typical DetailE-014.PDF
E-015.DWGDry Angular Ridge - Typical DetailE-015.PDF
E-018.DWGDry Interlocking Half Round Hip - Typical DetailE-018.PDF
E-021.DWGDry Gothic Hip - Typical DetailE-021.PDF
E-022.DWGDry Hip Non-Interlocking Half Round Ridge - Typical DetailE-022.PDF
E-023.DWGDry Angular Rigde to Hip - Typical DetailE-023.PDF
E-026.DWGBedded Verge / Brickwork - Typical DetailE-026.PDF
E-027.DWGBedded Verge / Barge Board - Typical DetailE-027.PDF
E-028(1).DWGIndependent Cloaked Verge Barge Board (Left Hand) Typical DetailE-028(1).PDF
E-028(2).DWGIndependent Cloaked Verge Barge Board (Right Hand) Typical DetailE-028(2).PDF
E-030.DWGOpen Lead Valley - Typical DetailE-030.PDF
E-031.DWGGRP Valley (Trussed Rafters) Typical DetailE-031.PDF
E-032.DWGGRP Dry Valley (Trussed Rafters) Typical DetailE-032.PDF
E-035.DWGAbutment Flat Interlocking Tile - Typical DetailE-035.PDF
E-036.DWGTop Edge Abutment Unvented - Typical DetailE-036.PDF
E-037.DWGTop Edge Abutment Vented - Typical DetailE-037.PDF